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In mid 1969 the Clockwork Orange Mobile Disco unit was created to supply music during the interval, while Rock Bands changed equipment on the stage at the Clockwork Orange Beat Club in Kirkintilloch north of Glasgow. This form of entertainment soon caught on with the young people of the Kirkintilloch and Nth Glasgow area leading to regular work in Rugby Clubs, Scout Halls and Youth Clubs. During the following years the disco developed into a very large mobile sound and light show changing the name to the Clockwork Orange Road Show around 1974. While travelling throughout Scotland the Road Show developed a substantial reputation in the entertainment industry from Stornoway to the Borders.

Clockwork Enterprises was established in 1976 when the Clockwork Orange Road Show was separated into two independent disco units. The larger unit was called the Inter State Road Show providing an 850wt sound system with state of the art lighting, and the smaller unit, while continuing to use the Clockwork Orange Road Show name, offered a 600wt sound system and similar lighting. The larger unit was designated to be a mobile system with the smaller being installed permanently in a series of  licensed establishments in and around the Kirkintilloch and Nth Glasgow area.

Currently in 2010 the two systems continue to operate independently, the larger system having now upgraded to a 4Kw sound rig with large lighting effects capable of equalling anything city centre night clubs have to offer, and the smaller unit offering a 800wt-1700wt sound system with an array of lighting effects.

In addition to the two substantial disco units provided by Clockwork Enterprises a large sound system is also available for hire. This was created from the most powerful parts of the disco systems soon after the 1976 split. In its origins it was in the region of 2Kw of power with a speaker stack numbering 10 boxes. Over the years it has evolved and currently stands at 8Kw of power supplied by Electovoice amplifiers feeding 14 speakers of Turbosound with CVA sub-bass cabinets. This system was created  to provide a quality sound system for hire to the Rock Group and Theatre industries as a Professional Sound Rig. This system now offers a mixing facility of 34 channels on a DDA Series “D” Desk and a selection of smaller Soundcraft mixing consuls. Also available is a set of Lavalier Tie Clip and Hand Held Radio Microphones from Beyer and Trantec.